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Chemist at Blue Current

non-flammable lithium-ion battery electrolytes


Volunteer with Real Vegan Cheese

Engineering yeast to produce casein (milk protein), enabling vegan cheese which is indistinguishable from animal derived cheese
I gave a talk about this project at Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Other creative output:


My Flickr page is a dump of all of the types of photos I take.


Here are my professional publications and patents

Here is my single satirical work

Here is my unmaintained blog



I used to attempt to make music, I uploaded the less horrendous tracks to soundcloud


T-shirt Design

Use tau, not pi


In the past I’ve worked on surface initiated polymerizations and battery electrolytes (grad school, UC Berkeley), new absorber/hole transport materials for organic photovoltaics (first postdoc, National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and plastic scintillators (second postdoc, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).  I previously worked at energy storage startup eSionic working on battery and supercapacitor electrolytes.




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